How to create a zero-initialized templated std::array?

This morning I wanted to come up with a simple data structure in my master thesis in order implement a multigrid algorithm. As the latter is working with matrices or in a more general way tensors I wanted to use templates and the keyword using to improve the readability.

New Data Structures

The new data structures are written quickly:

// File: datastructures.h
#include <array>

template<typename T1, int dim1, int dim2>
using matrix = std::array<std::array<T1, dim1>, dim2>;

template<typename T1, int dim>
using tensor3D = std::array<matrix<T1, dim, dim>, dim>;



Now the initialization is important:

// Non zero initialized
constexpr std::uint16_t dim = 8; 
tensor3D<double, dim> tensor_nz;

// Non zero initialized
tensor3D<double, dim> tensor_zeros = {};

The first example shows the creation of the variable but it is not using any Aggregate Initialization. This was my first implementation, the attached data to this variable can also contain non zero values. If you are using the aggregate initialization then you get a zero initialized array. This examples shows how a small inaccuracy can have a big impact on your calculations. This stackoverflow Post gives you further information about this topic and also clarifies between the default initialization and zero initialization.